Creativity is nothing
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About Me

Vedaant Rajoo is a Mobile/Web App Developer,
UI/UX Designer and a beginner MERN Stack Developer. He is a creative person who is not afraid to take any risks. He is highly optimistic about his capabilities and his work

He is the part of the technical as well as the language clubs of his college. He doesn't lag behind in the non-technical sector.


App Development

He has an experience of over two years in App Development. He develops apps using flutter and has wide experience in the field. He also has a reasonable knowledge of the traditional app dev using Java. He is familiar with firebase and shared preference and has worked on the backend functioning of the app. He has actively contributed to many apps without stipend to gain experience in the layouts and working of a variety of apps.

Graphic Design

With over 25 projects undertaken and completed, graphic designing came in as a hobby but became a neccesity inorder to design UI/UX of an application.He has designed numerous posters, certificates, phamplets and flexes for his clubs during his education.He has completed these projects using Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape and Vector Designing. He has a working knowledge of all these software and has almost 3 years of experience in these tools.

Web Development

With more than 3 years of experience in Web. He has worked on many websites and has a proper knowledge in the field. Being a full-stack developer there is no corner he leaves undiscovered while he works on designing UI/UX of a website.

VFX & VideoEditing

He has been interested in video-making and editing since a young age. Video editing has since been a hobby to him. He is well-versed with the functionalities of popular editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects etc. He likes to experiment with various effects to get the desired transition for the video.


Java Flutter HTML&CSS JavaScript MongoDb python

C/C++ Illustrator Solidity ReactJs Julia firebase Mocha&Chai

git SQL Dart Blockchain linux Selenium Wordpress


Featured Projects.

Although he worked on numerous projects, following are the ones that stand out and have the spark that they are still worked upon by him.


An interactive blog created from the inspiration of Netflix's Bandersnatch to provide a unique experience different than that of standard classic blogs.Details

Quizz App

An android quiz app with all basics of routing, animations and layout of a basic flutter app, with interesting new questions added regularly. Details


You - what internet knows about you. built in flutter.The app has the functionality to check your data online.Details


A minimalistic and beautiful music player with built-in support for flac and m4a media files out of the box. Details


A poster made for an online event held at my college during the annual cultural fest.

What They Say About Me.

  • He has a knack for knowledge and is willing to go lengths to fulfill his goals. In the short time I mentored him he was punctual and meticulous. Not only did he excel but made a huge headway under my guidance.

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    Siddharth Dabadhe AGM, BEL.


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